Rebekah has been collaborating with Joe Parker since 2012 on this encyclopedia and discussion forum of subaltern democracies. In the past decades especially, Democracy has come to serve as a cornerstone for thinking everything from the speculative ethico-political impulses of Derrida’s deconstruction, to concrete U.S. rationalizations of ongoing war; from subaltern rejections of state policies, to Euro-centric assumptions about the role and function of the nation-state; from criticisms of human rights discourses to the experimental inclusion of non-humans in political life. The lack of consensus at the heart of democracy’s definition and operations is perhaps the only democratic thing about democracy. But if various deployments of democracy each uniquely shape it’s ethico-political value, then this website aims not only to provide an encyclopedia of its definitions by contemporary political and other theorists, but to draw attention to the subaltern and other perspectives on and deployments of democracy typically excluded from the political theory landscape.

An und für sich: an anomalous humanities blog

Rebekah has begun blogging on AUFS, focusing on adding feminist, deconstructive, and critical animal perspectives to the conversations there. More posts will be happening over there as soon as grad applications are finished!



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