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Rebekah Sinclair is an academic and activist, currently writing, lecturing, and living in Claremont, California. Her work, which is both theoretically and ethically oriented, probes contemporary cultural and philosophical thought on speciesed bodies (those previously designated “animals”) with the hope that we might increasingly broaden the spectrum of lives we choose to recognize, care for, love, and live well with.

In 2010, Rebekah completed her Masters degree from Claremont Graduate University in Philosophy of Religion, with heavy emphasis in critical theory and feminist thought. Since graduating, Rebekah has taken a few years off of hoop-jumping and degree-earning to write, research, and publish scholarly work independently. During this time she’s enjoyed a great deal of excellent vegan food, cross-country hiking, and quality sci-fi, but has also produced a number of peer-reviewed book chapters and articles, frequently lectured at Pitzer University, and collaborated with other scholars at dozens of conferences all over the world. This time also allowed her to work as a journalist for Farm Forward (2011-2012), to complete an ISSJS fellowship in India where she studied non-violent ethico-political communities, post-colonial and gender relations, and post-essentialist metaphysics (2013), and to serve as an editor for the National Museum of Animals and Society (2014). She looks forward to entering a PhD program in the fall of 2015 where she’ll continue to engage the best wisdoms of philosophical traditions with an eye toward justice and compassion.


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